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Oktata and Oktatas

I have written this post in English and translated it to Hungarian using the translation service provided by Google. Any error is inadvertent. The English text is provided below the Hungarian text.

Az oktató szó emlékezik egy kemény emberre. A feladat mestere, aki nem szúr semmi ostobaságot. Nem vicceket szórakoztatnánk. Talán egy ilyen egyén volt az inspiráció a Pink Floyd “No need no education” című dalra. Több oktatóval is kapcsolatba léptem, akik épp ellenkezőleg voltak. Arra koncentrálnak, hogy a legjobbat hozza ki egy személyből, felismerve, hogy mindenki nem válhat a legjobbak közé a társaik között. Megértik, hogy mindenki más sebességgel tanul. És azt is, hogy mindenki az oktatási cél egy adott területen más lenne. Két ember tanulhatja a zongorát nagyon különböző okokból ugyanabból a tanárból. Az egyik egy előadóművész, a másik pedig egy sikeres amatőr. Az oktató nem feltétlenül a legjobb személy a területen. A legjobb ember a helyszínen nem lehet jó. Az oktatás megszerzéséhez más készségekre van szükség, mint a tökéletesítőnek a területen. Néhány évvel ezelőtt Novak Djokovic Boris Becker volt az edzője, míg Roger Federer Stefan Edberg volt az edzője. A játék ezen szintjén kíváncsi vagyok, hogy mit mond az edző a hallgatónak. Az indiai krikett csapat tizenöt éve külföldi edzővel rendelkezett. Nemrég váltottak indiai edzőre. Azt hiszem, van egy különbség az edző és az oktató között. Végül is a játékosok sokéves edzésen, kemény munka és többszörös kiválasztási folyamatokon mennek keresztül, hogy a legmagasabb szintű sportot választják.

A Nalanda Egyetem az egyik legkorábbi egyetem a világon. Ki tanított ott? Ki tanult ott? Mi volt a pedagógia? Könnyű volt a felvétel? Hogyan viszonyulnak a mai egyetemek az ő ősi oktatási székhellyel?

Instructor and Education

The word instructor brings to mind a tough individual. A task master who would brook no nonsense. No jokes would be entertained. Perhaps such an individual was the inspiration for the song ‘We don’t need no Education’ by the Pink Floyd. I have interacted with several instructors who were just the opposite. They focus on bringing the best out of a person realizing that everyone may not become the best amongst peers. They understand that everyone learns at a different speed. And also that everyone’s goal for education in a particular field would be different. Two people may learn the piano for very different reasons from the same teacher. One to be a performer, the other to be an accomplished amateur. The instructor need not be the best person in the field. The best person in the field may not be a good isntructor. To impart education a different skill set is required than to be a perfectionist in the field. Some time ago Novak Djokovic had Boris Becker as his coach while Roger Federer had Stefan Edberg as his coach. At that level of the game I wonder what the coach tells the student. The Indian cricket team had a foreign coaches for fifteen years. Recently they have switched to having an Indian coach. I guess there must be a differnce between a coach and an instructor. After all, the players go through many years of training, hard work and mulitple selection processes to make it to the top most level of the sport of their choosing.

Nalanda Univerity was one of the earliest universities int he world. Who taught there? Who studied there? What was the pedagogy followed? Were admissions tough? How do the present day universities compare with this ancient seat of education?

Delhi to Dharamshala

Last month we travelled from Delhi to Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj, Dalhousie and Kajjiar. We made the trip by train via Pathankot. There are plent of trains from Delhi to Pathankokt. All run full to capacity. I think one of the bookings I made was for the last available ticket!

There is no direct train from Delhi to Dharamshala. We travelled Delhi to Pathankot by Dhauladhar Express and from Pathankot to Dharamshala by taxi. We made the return journey by the same train as well. I had looked up the net for the difference between Pathankot station and Pathankot Cantt and made the booking for the station code PTK. Pathankot Cannt’s station code is PTKC.

The train starts from Old Delhi Sation. The night time journey is very convenient because one can easily sleep with stretched out on the berth. The train arrived towards 8 am at Pathankot. Taxis are easily available as soon one exits the platform. The greatest benefit of train stations in smaller towns is that they are cleaner and one has to walk lesser.

We took a taxi drop to Dharamshala. Of course, we had deliberated whether to go to Dharamshala first or to Dalhousie. I decided by calling up the hotels and was informed there wouldn’t be much difference either ways. Initially the prospect of a night train from Delhi to Dharamshala and then a taxi trip immediately afterwards appeared daunting. But once we started it was all very smooth.

Here are some photographs of Dharamshala

The road trip to Dharamshala was very pleasant. We had breakfast at a dhaba en route. Delicious paranthas and hot chai. Upon arrival at Hotel Dhauladhar of HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tuorism Development Corporation) we were provided a nice and comfortable room overlooking a garden. There was a big surprise in the room. An air-conditioner with heating. This is usually not seen in India and was least expected in a hill-station. Things have really changed in India.

We freshened up at our own pace and went in to the restaurant for lunch leaving all travel planning for later. Afterwards, we out for a walk in the market, Kotwali Bazar, near the hotel. The Dharamshala taxis stand was also close by and we enquired about the taxi fare to McLeod Ganj, Dalhousie and what else could one do in those parts. There were plenty of plans available with fixed rates each covering several points.

We located a small and clean sweets shot with coffee and snacks and had a cup of hot coffee.

Upon returning to the hotel I sought the receptionist’s advice and decided upon a short trip to McLeod Ganj the next day.

The next morning we piled into a hired Alto and drove up to Naddi point near McLeod Ganj and later went to the Tibetan Moanstery.We returned to the hotel by late afternoon and had snacks for lunch at 5 pm.

In the evening we went for a stroll in Kotwali Bazar and found our steps took us to the sweets shop again for another great cup of hot coffeee.

The nights were spent watching TV and having a very slow dinner in the restaurant.

HPTDC is great, of course.

Here are some photographs of Dalhousie

Next day, after breakfast, we started for Dalhousie in a taxi. We arrived late afternoon in Dalhousie at Hotel Manimahes of HPTDC. We were shown into a room with a fabulous view of the mountain range. It had snowed a few days ago and the weather was cold. We went down to Gandhi Market to streth our legs. Here again we happened upon the taxi stand which was close to the hotel and equired about the fare to Khajjiar. Then, we went to a confectionary store and had steaming hot momos.

We were advised to have dinner in the room due to the cold weather. It was an enjoyable meal which was had watching a movie on cable television.

We had a buffet breakfast the next morning. We learnt the short route to Khajjiar was blocked by snow and we would have to take the longer road via Chamba. We were very keen on visiting Khajjiar since it is referred to as the ‘mini Switzerland’ of India. It is a long drive of 3.5 hours by this route. The view at Khajjiar is fabulous. It is a large open ground with Deodar (Himalayan Cedar) trees all around. One can see the snow capped peaks through the tree leaves. At times we could see paragliders soaring up above the tree tops.

It started raining lightly on the way back and we stopped for chai pakoda at a dhaba. We returned just as night was falling and went straight to our room. Room service provided us with chai and hot milk. This was followed by another enjoyable and sumptuous dinner in the room with a movie on cable television.

We were to start our return journey to Delhi the next day. The train was scheduled to leave from Pathankot station at 11 20 pm. We decided to go to the Gandhi Market in Dalhousie in the morning and left for Pathankot after lunch. We placed our luggage in the Cloak room at the Pathankot Station and walked to the City Centre Mall located 5 minutes away. We bought tickets for Badri ki Dulania and followed it with a liesurely dinner in the mall. Afterwards, we walked back to the station. The road felt safe enough. There are shared autos also available.

The train was already lined up on the platform. We collected our bags from the cloak room, located our coach and settled in for the journey back to Delhi.

There were no radio taxis in Dahramshala and Dalhousie. There we no Ola Uber in Dharamshala and Dalhousie.
The mobile signal is straon in Dharamshala and Dalhousie. The internet works fine in Dharamshala and Dalhousie. Throughout the journey from Delhi to Dharamshala and other places I had great network coverage.

The trip from Delhi to Dharamshala, Dalhousie and other places proved to be a rejuvenating breeze.

Places to visit in Amritsar

Last month we travelled to Amritsar by road. Eleven people in a Tempo Traveller. The journey took a long time with a few breaks to stretch legs, have a bite and sip on a cup of tea. Roads have improved a lot in India and it was a smooth journey. The places to visit in Amritsar are the Attari-Wagah border, the Golden Temple and the Jallianwala Bagh.

We went to Wagah border near Amritsar for the lowering of flags ceremony at the India Pakistan border. It was very crowded. It was possible to look across the border into the amphitheater in Pakistan when seated high enough.

Afterwards we had a sumptuous dinner and retired for the night. We still had two more places to visit in Amritsar.

Next morning we woke up early. Really early at 4 am and got ready to visit the Golden Temple. We arrived at the Golden Temple before 6 am and there were only a few people outside. The adjoining area has been renovated and looked very beautiful. After removing our shoes we dipped our feet into the water at the entrance to the Golden Temple. To our surprise the water was heated! Inside it was crowded. We realised our visit had coincided with a public holiday in Punjab.

Upon exiting the Golden Temple we still had one left of the places to visit in Amritsar. One, that we very much wanted to visit. Jallianwala Bagh. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were brought to life in our minds. And, of course, Udham Singh.

The air was much cleaner than in Delhi. On the return journey we came across a field in which crops were being burnt.

Since, we had our own bus we didn’t need to hire a taxi. Didn’t see any Uber in Amritsar. Didn’t see any Ola in Amritsar. Didn’t see any radio taxis in Amritsar.

On the way back we stopped at a food court on the highway and had dinner and tea.

We decided a train would have been more comfortable for such a long journey. If possible, an overnight train.

Here are a few photos I clicked.

I think I have never seen greener fields than those I saw in Punjab. In a couple of fields local dangals (wrestling matches) were being conducted much like depicted in the movie Sultan.

A Beach Holiday in Goa

Recently I travelled to Goa twice. A beach holiday each time. Doesn’t usually happen. The first trip was self-funded. The second was a reward in an office contest.

Dabolim airport in Goa is much smaller than the Delhi airport. This results in shorter walks in and out of the airport.

The beach resorts were an hour away both times I travelled. The first trip was spent in South Goa and the second trip in North Goa. Both are delightful. There is no Uber in Goa. There is no Ola in Goa. Looks like there are no radio taxis in Goa. But, there are pre-paid taxis available at the airport. Or, one can ask the hotel to provide a taxi. Sometimes, hotels include airport transfers in the holiday package.

I enjoyed my stays at Varca beach and at Candolim beach. A walk on the beach in the morning and evening is refreshing and good exercise. Though I can swim in a pool I restrict myself to floating in the shallow water by the beach. Catching a wave as it comes in and floating on it is a great experience. Para sailing in the Arabian sea is good fun. The boat men suggested we take a dip in the sea with the life belts on and we did after some coaxing. A few minutes of backstrokes a kilometer from the shore is awesome.

Walking along on Candolim road in the night I could hear music wafting out from the cafes along the road. Many had karaokes and it was the guests singing. People of all nationalities throng this road. The breeze is cool and the traffic is gentler than in Delhi.

Here are a few photos I took in Goa.

Odd Even Returns, April, 2016

Just like movie sequels Odd Even is making a comeback. Tomorrow it returns for 15 days.

These links have All You Want to Know about Odd Even in April, 2016

The Financial Express

Zee News

Odd Even formula to say OKTATA to Pollution

Day 1 of the Odd Even formula to curb pollution seems to have gone well. News on TV said that.
I had gone out and counted only 20 even numbered private cars over a 15 km distance. On the drive later in the night past 8 pm there were more even numbered cars. Looks like the people of Delhi are adhering to the Odd Even formula.

Odd-even plan: Delhi, you deserve a bow for rising to the occasion

On Odd-Even’s Delhi Debut, Temporary Drop In Pollution Level: 10 Developments

Odd-even scheme: On Day 1, Delhi’s air quality fluctuates

Say OKTATA to Pollution

With Odd Even implementation for vehicles in Delhi around the corner it is time to say OKTATA to pollution as far as possible.

Numerous questions have been posed. Many solutions have been proposed.

Hopefully this step will help. If not, it is on a trial basis for 15 days and might be withdrawn.

I’m going to set up a Car Pool solution on this site soon.

Wonder if the below suggestions would help curb pollution?

1. Should diesel vehicles be completely banned?

Should diesel car owners be provided tax subsidy on purchase of CNG vehicles & assured fair market value for their diesel cars? Or, should diesel car be fitted with petrol engines which are then run on CNG? (if that is possible). In old days there used to be advertisements on TV to replace Petrol engines with Diesel engines for cost efficiency. Is vice versa possible now?

2. Should SUV sales be completely banned?

3. What is the contribution of the Metro construction on Ring Road and other stretches to the current pollution levels in Delhi? If that is significant should it be halted and work carried out in phases on particular stretches? Initial Metro construction had been in phases.

4. Would it be possible to have the Ring Rail service augmented and brought under the aegis of the Delhi Metro? Would there still be a need for the construction of the Metro line on Ring Road?

5. Are trams really not meant for big cities? Those might be slow but surely are easier to implement?

6. Maybe we need more buses (CNG?) than the Metro?

7. What is the contribution to pollution of the construction of the elevated stretches on Outer Ring Road? Read in the newspaper recently that more elevated roads are planned. What will be the impact on pollution?

Sachin Tendulkar, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket a few days ago.

The video, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara,  of 1988 vintage, must be updated. It is a great video with fantastic imagery, lyrics, music and vocals.

There is only one sound thing missing in that video. Only because that sound had not originated till then. A year later, on 15 Nov, 1989, Sachin Tendulkar debuted for India. And somewhere along the line shouts of Sachiiin, Sachin found voice.

Sports persons and other other eminent personalities who didn’t feature earlier, who were yet to start in their chosen fields, or who weren’t born 25 years ago can now be added.

And this time the music director will have to add shouts of Sachiiin, Sachin to the score.

I came across this new version uploaded three years ago. Sadly, it is no match for the original.



Mansar Lake

A few years ago I had travelled to Mansar lake. It is 62 km from Jammu.
The lake is beautiful and one can spend time walking around it and pedal boating.

There are ducks and a few animals in the grounds around the lake. You’ll also find big sized turtles.

Here are a few pictures.

Delhi to Nainital in UK (Uttarakhand)

Nainital is as picturesque as ever. Being there after many years was a pleasure. The weather in Nainital was pleasant. The lake is well maintained. Both pedal boats and rowing boats are available. The people are very helpful and everything is available on the Mall road.

Driving to Nainital in Uttarkahand is a mix of pleasure and disappointment. The roads are very good and hopelessly broken at places. There is a Bikanerwala at Gajaraula with nice, clean washrooms and a wide variety of food.

Communications: Dish TV, cellphones, data cards. All these work in Nainital though the mobile network signal can drop at places.

I re-discovered the small lens at the lake in Nainital. Many years ago I had clicked photos using an Olympus RC 35 which has a 42 mm lens. It is a rangefinder camera that allows manual focus. I have now discarded the Canon 18-55 mm kit lens of my Canon EOS 300D DSLR and have bought a Canon EF 50 mm f 1.8 lens. The initial results look very good. It is easy to use and is unobtrusive.

I browsed through many articles and websites before buying the Canon EF 50 mm f 1.8 lens. Amongst others,,,,

Here are a few pics I had taken in Nainital many years ago interspersed with those I took recently.