Auto Expo 2012

I visited the the Auto Expo 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I used my old Canon 300D to take some pictures of the vehicles from Bajaj, Chevrolet, Ford, Hero, Hyundai, Mrecedes, Nissan and Polaris and Renault. It would take an entire day to visit all the stalls and I didn’t have that much time. Many products were launched. Hybrid cars and scooters that run on electricty and petrol. The latest small car from Bajaj, RE 60, was on display.
The silver Chevrolet Stingray and the six-door black Merc were impressive.
P.S.: I’m glad I visited the exhibition before the crowds thronged the venue as per this report at the Economic Times

One thought on “Auto Expo 2012”

  1. Nice click Sameer !!
    The car and model both looks fab !! Great you able to attend the expo. It was too crowded for me n was not very good exp for me.

    Catch you on the courts !!
    Take care
    Rohan Walia

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