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Product Recalls in 2011

I wonder if 2011 was the Year of Product Recalls.

I read about so many through the year. Is it because the manufacturers are more concerned or is it that companies are now more quality conscious or is it that the laws favour the consumers?
I wonder.

How do customers feel about the time spent on the replacement? Do they consider it a hassle or do they feel it is good the comapnies took care of them?
I wonder.

I remember the below recalls in 2011:

Replacement of iPod nano (1st gen) because the battery may overheat

Apple link

Toyota recalled 41000 units of Etios and Liva in India to replace a faulty filler hose pipe

Rediff link
Times of India link
Business Standard link

Tata Nano is replacing the starter motor free of cost for 140,000 units

USA Today link
Times of India link
Indian Express link

Dented-Painted Exhibition

I came across this article about an interesting exhibition, Dented-Painted, in the Hindustan Times

What: Dented Painted
On till: December 31
Time: 11am to 7pm
Where: The Aman Hotel, Lodhi Road
Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh on the Yellow line

If possible, I’d like to visit it. Curiously from the article it appears that OK TATA, the most popular truck graffiti in India and found on millions of trucks, doesn’t feature in the exhibition.

The Delegation

The delegation was to inspect the venues for the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi. Heavy preparations were made to ensure the visit would be successful. Roads were closed for public use to ensure a speedy commute for the delegates. Policemen stood at the corners of major roads. Banners of the construction company sprung up overnight at the Games Village. An excavator stood outside the Games Village with its bucket flat on the ground as if prostrating before the delegation.

Newspapers were full of travel advisories. I read the news with apprehension. Would I ever reach office today? I decided to chance it. Traffic was lighter than usual. At 8 AM there was no sign of the delegates on the roads. Had they gone for their morning swim? The policemen stood by idly. Maybe they felt cheated too. They had been promised so much traffic to manage and people had stayed home.

There seems to be a thick  smog in the air ever since the delegation left. Is it because it has turned nippy or because the construction  work has picked up pace?

I wonder.

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