The Mathematics of 1,76,000 Crores (US 38.72 billion)

Understanding big numbers is not easy. I am used to dealing with small amounts. I broke it into smaller numbers I could understand.

176 crore 1000 Rupee notes placed side by side would cover 3,11,520 km or cover the equator 7 times (based on the dimensions at the RBI site)

If you ran 10 km/day it would take you 85 years to cover that distance. A task clearly out of reach of our cricket team. They retire in their thirties.

The average distance from Earth to Moon is 3,81,554 km. A bridge construced of 176 crore notes of 1000 Rupee denomination would plunge you into the vacuum of space.

A Maruti 800 with an average of 16 km/litre would need 19,470 litres of petrol to travel this distance. Out of reach of the middle class.

A Formula 1 car with a speed of 300 km/hour would have to scramble for 43 days to cover that distance. The spectators would get weary for sure.

Product Recalls in 2011

I wonder if 2011 was the Year of Product Recalls.

I read about so many through the year. Is it because the manufacturers are more concerned or is it that companies are now more quality conscious or is it that the laws favour the consumers?
I wonder.

How do customers feel about the time spent on the replacement? Do they consider it a hassle or do they feel it is good the comapnies took care of them?
I wonder.

I remember the below recalls in 2011:

Replacement of iPod nano (1st gen) because the battery may overheat

Apple link

Toyota recalled 41000 units of Etios and Liva in India to replace a faulty filler hose pipe

Rediff link
Times of India link
Business Standard link

Tata Nano is replacing the starter motor free of cost for 140,000 units

USA Today link
Times of India link
Indian Express link

Auto Expo 2012

I visited the the Auto Expo 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I used my old Canon 300D to take some pictures of the vehicles from Bajaj, Chevrolet, Ford, Hero, Hyundai, Mrecedes, Nissan and Polaris and Renault. It would take an entire day to visit all the stalls and I didn’t have that much time. Many products were launched. Hybrid cars and scooters that run on electricty and petrol. The latest small car from Bajaj, RE 60, was on display.
The silver Chevrolet Stingray and the six-door black Merc were impressive.
P.S.: I’m glad I visited the exhibition before the crowds thronged the venue as per this report at the Economic Times

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

I drove to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Sultanpur National Park, recently armed with the old Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel DSLR I had bought from a colleague sometime back. The camera, rarely used and in excellent condition, had come with two lenses. An 18-55 mm lens and a 100-300 mm lens. I took only the big 100-300 mm zoom lens with me. I tried my hand at bird photography for the first time. I’d only sat at the window and clicked pictures of pigeons before this.
Here are a few pictures I took. I deleted many more. I learnt it is not easy to photograph birds. The big birds perch considerably far, are wary of humans and at 60 feet fly away if they think you are very close. This renders the focal length of 300m inadequate at many times. The small birds merge very well their surroundings, are never still and keep hopping from branch to branch. This makes it very difficult to focus on them.
I set the aperture at 5.6 and used the shutter speeds of 1/500s and above.
Your comments are welcome

Dented-Painted Exhibition

I came across this article about an interesting exhibition, Dented-Painted, in the Hindustan Times

What: Dented Painted
On till: December 31
Time: 11am to 7pm
Where: The Aman Hotel, Lodhi Road
Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh on the Yellow line

If possible, I’d like to visit it. Curiously from the article it appears that OK TATA, the most popular truck graffiti in India and found on millions of trucks, doesn’t feature in the exhibition.

Say OK TATA to Losses in 3 Easy Steps

Say OK TATA to Losses in 3 easy steps. These have been tried and tested by many companies in the recessions across America, Europe, the rest of the world and now the trend seems to be catching on in India.

1. Think big, start big operations, hire thousands of people, acquire companies and take huge loans. If you or your comapny sinks, everyone else goes down too
2. Keep the lid on the losses till your cover is blown. Let the losses mount undetected for as long as you can
3. Blame the losses on high taxes, business stipulations, economic policies or any other policies you can think of

The result: Beggars can’t be choosers but big beggars are presented with an embarrassment of riches.

Pune to Mumbai

Last month I visited Pune and then we drove to Mumbai for a quick day visit. Pune had cool weather and a sedate pace. We entered Mumbai and merged into its frenetic pace and humid weather. Here are a few photos of the Pune Zoo, a lake en route from Pune to Mumbai, the Bandra-Worli sea link, the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Hotel and the boats in the harbour.

A match between the Pune Warriors and the Mumbai Indians would have been a treat.

Earthquake today in Delhi

The earthquake today in DelhiĀ  reminded of the happenings in Japan a few months ago. And as I write I am reminded of others in Latur, Bhuj, Haiti and many decades back in Quetta (of which I have only heard).

Time of the earthquake today: a few minutes ago at 11: 24 pm

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