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Water Purifier

We have been using a water purifier for decades in our home. I do remember ages ago we didn’t when we used to live in a locality with 24 hours’ water supply. We could drink water straight from the tap. In the Winters that is. In the summers we had an earthen pot, the Matka, in which water would stay cool. It quenched the thirst much better than refrigerated water. Not only us but every one had a Matka apart from the fridge. The fridge would turn watery when the electricity would go off. And that was frequent.

In due course of time the 24 hour water supply ran dry. We had restricted water supply in the mornings and evenings. Yet, we didn’t need a water purifier. We would store water in various pots and pans and a steel bucket. Gradually the quality of water deteriorated and we had a water purifier installed in our home. It was an Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes.

As time passed by RO Systems (Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers) came into the market. These were intially very expensive. Now practically all flat dwellers in Gurgaon and Noida use an RO system. In Gurgaon people use RO Systems to clean the borewell water. It is a slow process.An RO system can cost twice as much as the UV system.

I wonder what chai pakoda made with water from an RO system will taste like.