The colt

Today the colt had been brought to a bigger pasture. The owner hadn’t brought it here earlier. The colt was silent and wondered about the reason. There were other colts there too. From time to time each would steal a glance at its owner. None knew it was there for the race.

Then the owner told the colt to perform. It dug in its heel. These were things the colt usually did easily.┬áIn the presence of so many people and the new environment the colt didn’t. The cajoling and the threats didn’t make the colt perform.

The owner berated it on the way back. It had let the owner down. How would the owner now walk with the head held high? What would other people say?

Neither the colt nor the owner realised this was the beginning of a life of races.

The colts are little children in the age group of 3+. The owners are the parents. The race is for admission to a ‘good’ school. It happens every year. With no clear and ever changing admission guidelines the parents run the rounds of the schools. They seek the the ‘best’ education for their children. Many school agree to admit the child for a sum euphemistically called a ‘dontation.’

This is the first race. Others would follow. Perform in sports. Perform in arts. Perform in class X board exams. Beat others in Class XII exams. Make the list in the engineering or medical entrance exams. Get an MBA. Clear the civil services entrance. Get a high paying job. Move up the ladder. A bigger car, a house in a posh location, the list is endless.

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