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Greece, the home of Western civilization. The name conjures up images of architecture of great historical significance – or idyllic islands with miles and miles of soft sandy sunny beaches.

Greece is full of archaeological riches and a lifetime is not enough to fully appreciate them. But a few days of historical touring gives you a snapshot of the most important stages in its history.

Athens is the home to the Parthenon which is the biggest draw. Other sites in Athens do not disappoint either. A couple of hours drive will get you to Delphi from where the oracle used to prophesise. Do not miss the ancient site of Olympia. You can also run in the main stadium to relive the experience of the athletes thousands of years ago.

Many tourists may miss the monasteries of Meteora. That would be a mistake. The geological marvel of giant pillar like rocks coming out of the ground and monasteries built on top evoke images of monks living austere lives for thousands of years.

Temple of Athena at Delphi
One of many monasteries at Meteora
Entrance to the main stadium at Ancient Olympia
Athletes' living quarters at the Olympia
Athletes’ living quarters at the Olympia
Intricate carving on marble depicting cloth on the sculpture
Intricate carving on marble depicting cloth on the sculpture
The Parthenon
The Parthenon
The Parthenon at night.
The Parthenon at night.