Home to some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the world, Jordan is an important destination in understanding the Roman and early Christian history. Flying into to Amman, you can take a half day tour of the awe inspiring roman ruins of Jerrash followed by Ajloun Castle which is nearby. Another couple of hours from Amman will take you to the Dead Sea, where a dip is the thing to do. You can visit the baptism site of Jesus Christ which is next to the West Bank border with Israel. Expect to see some unsmiling border guards as you touch the waters of the river Jordan.

A drive south from there will take you via the Wadi Mujib which is one of the most spectacular canyons in the world (after of course the big daddy of them all). The drive south will take you to Petra the jewel of all archaeological sites that you may have seen till now. Expect to be astounded.


Ajloun Castle
The Ajloun Castle


The central market in the ancient site of Jerrash


Christ's Baptism
Greek Orthodox Church at Christ’s Baptism site


Dead Sea
Sunset at Dead Se


Wadi Mujib
Wadi Mujib


Treasury Building Petra


Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum


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