Pink Line of Delhi Metro

Testing of the Pink Line of Delhi Metro is underway. This is the line that runs alongside Inner Ring Road. The testing has been going on for some time now. The line is to be opened up in sections. Its opening dates have been postponed a few times. The barricades on the road to cordon off the construction areas are disappearing slowly. Traffic is moving quicker than the crawl it had slowed down to in the last few months. Very soon Metro services will commence on this line. With that a host of secondary economic activities will shoot up. E-rickshaws will queue up outside the Metro stations. Autos will hang around to pick up fares. Radio Taxis will stop to drop off passengers and wait to pick up fares.

What are the food options at Metro stations?
Typically, there is a quick counter providing powdered tea and coffee as well as flavoured milk, patties and packaged namkeen.
Street food vendors provide lip smacking peanuts, bhelpuri, dal pakoda, bhutta, aloo ki tikki and many other quick bites. The sound decibel level under the station is much higher because of the broad walkway about the road.

There is a lot of eagerness mixed with impatience for this line to commence operations. The stations where the lines cross will be very interesting. Usually there are throngs of people crisscrossing and bumping into each other at such stations.
I wonder where the parking lots for the Metro stations on Ring road are located. The last mile connectivity is provided by DMRC buses. I think those are on contract. The real last mile connectivity into the interiors of the colonies is, of course, provided by the e-rickshaws.
I could take a photo of the Pink Line Metro being tested. The photo was taken from a moving car is a not sharp. DMRC uses pink coloured signage to designate the Women’s coach in each train. Though the Pink Line will surely be open to all genders (just like the other Metro lines)

The Pink Line of Delhi Metro connects to the Blue, Green Red, Violet and Yellow lines of the Delhi Metro