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Hong Kong and Macau tour

A few years back I had the opportunity to go on a  Hong Kong and Macau tour.

I found Hong Kong to be very organized and full of hustle and bustle. Macau was rather relaxed.

Since the trip was short I didn’t visit the Hong Kong Disneyland.

The itinerary was:

Delhi-Hong Kong by air, same day transfer by ferry to Macau

2 Night stay in Macau and transfer to Hong Kong the next morning by ferry

1 Night stay in Hong Kong and travel back to Delhi the next evening by air

Here are a few photos I took during that trip. I had used both the Sony Cyber-shot and the Vivitar 3800N that I have. This time I had used Fuji slide film in the Vivitar.

Hope you like the pics.

Hong Kong time is ahead of India time. Hong Kong time difference with India time is 2.5 hours. Just add 2.5 hours to India time.
Bunjee jumping at Macau Tower is a great experience.
In Hong Kong Mong Kok is a great place to shop.
I remember Air India had a direct flight to Hong Kong.