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Pattaya Beach

Slept  in the coach with my sunglasses on. Trying to make up for the lost sleep on board the airplane. Had spent the time chatting with colleagues.

At the hotel stood in the queue to check-in with the group and headed straight for breakfast. No time for a visit to the loo because they were wrapping up the breakfast buffet.

Pattaya beach is great. I went water scootering there. No, that is not me on the right.

Later on we all went by boat to the Coral Island. En-route we stopped at a rig for parasailing and a deep dive into the water. Prasailing was great fun!!

We went deep into the water to look at the coral formations and the sea creatures. Had to wear an oxygen mask on the head .

The sky was clear blue at the Coral Island. Tried water skiing there and fell over in the water at quite some distance from the beach. The water scooter driver didn’t speak English, stopped when I yelled, saw me floundering in the water and started again. It is difficult to get back on those skis once you’ve fallen off. Somehow, I convinced the driver to haul me up behind him on the water scooter and rode back drenched to the bone. The water dried off in a few minutes.

On the way back bought myself a neat little Sony Cybershot digital compact camera. Takes great pictures. Still. Shoots videos too. I have bought four rechargeable cells and carry this with me on my travels for quick and easy photos. I use a Vivitar 3800N manual, film based SLR also. These photos were taken using negative film and then scanned. Someday, I will buy a DSLR. Maybe Vivitar will launch a cheap one!!

P.S.: Light clothing recommended for the pleasant Pattaya weather