Odd Even Returns, April, 2016

Just like movie sequels Odd Even is making a comeback. Tomorrow it returns for 15 days. These links have All You Want to Know about Odd Even in April, 2016 The Financial Express Zee News

Odd Even formula to say OKTATA to Pollution

Day 1 of the Odd Even formula to curb pollution seems to have gone well. News on TV said that. I had gone out and counted only 20 even numbered private cars over a 15 km distance. On the drive later in the night past 8 pm there were more even numbered cars. Looks like… Continue reading Odd Even formula to say OKTATA to Pollution

Delhi Pollution Level

With Odd Even implementation for vehicles in Delhi around the corner it is time to say OKTATA to pollution as far as possible. Delhi pollution levels are high all through the year and in the winters it witnesses a spike in these. The air is quite bad to breathe and can cause several diseases. Numerous… Continue reading Delhi Pollution Level