The Mathematics of 1,76,000 Crores (US 38.72 billion)

Understanding big numbers is not easy. I am used to dealing with small amounts. I broke it into smaller numbers I could understand.

176 crore 1000 Rupee notes placed side by side would cover 3,11,520 km or cover the equator 7 times (based on the dimensions at the RBI site)

If you ran 10 km/day it would take you 85 years to cover that distance. A task clearly out of reach of our cricket team. They retire in their thirties.

The average distance from Earth to Moon is 3,81,554 km. A bridge construced of 176 crore notes of 1000 Rupee denomination would plunge you into the vacuum of space.

A Maruti 800 with an average of 16 km/litre would need 19,470 litres of petrol to travel this distance. Out of reach of the middle class.

A Formula 1 car with a speed of 300 km/hour would have to scramble for 43 days to cover that distance. The spectators would get weary for sure.