The movie

A long time back I had gone to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at Chanakya Cinema. Those were the days when Chanakya cinema hall was at its prime. It was customary for the movie goers to have a bite at the Nirula’s restaurant next to the movie hall after the show. The other day I was watching an Indiana Jones series movie on Star Movies. I had missed the title of the movie at the beginning the way I always do. It reminded me of my trip to Chanakya all those years ago, the bus trip from college to the cinema, the burger and ice-cream at the Nirula’s, the bus trip back home late in the night, and on reaching home catching the end of the World this Week on TV. By the way, the world has stubbornly continued turning round and has refused to end inspite of the innumrable doomsday predictions between that movie and this post. Anyways, let me come back to the recent movie. There was an ad break, many advertisements jingled, I got to know what next I’d watch on Star Movies and finally the screen read, Now Showing, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!! I had forgotten the storyline of the movie but had remembered the things that surrounded it.