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My mobile phone journey started with a cellular phone. Well, years ago mobile phones were referred to as ‘cellphones.’ Subsequently the word ‘handphone’ gained ground and still later the word ‘mobile’ came into vogue. Now I am seldom mobile without my mobile. Over the years I have used mobile phones of various manufacturers.

As my first purchase I wanted to buy the Nokia 5110. It was a robust phone capable of taking a few knocks. Just before the shopkeeper handed it to me I enquired about any other new releases. I was handed a Motorola T300. I bought it and was greatly disappointed. Both with the quality of the phone and with my decision of not buying the Nokia 5110. Very soon the company I worked for deployed a CUG plan for all employees and I was handed an LG phone. Then the company policy changed and we were allowed to buy our own handsets. This time I made the right choice. I bought the Nokia 3310. Texting was a pleasure. The dictionary was wonderful. I swapped from one conference call to another. Like a breeze.

By this time I had used mobile phones for a few years and realized that the mobile phone device would change every year or so. Soon, thereafter I moved to another company and it was time for another device. Yet, again a Nokia.This time it was Nokia 6230i with a camera and Bluetooth. I used the GPRS frequently on this phone and even browsed the net a few times.

The next mobile phone was Nokia 3110. Moving contacts from the old to the new phone using Bluetooth was easy. I didn’t transfer contacts directly between the phones. I first transferred contacts using Bluetooth from the old phone to my computer and from the computer to the new mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Sometime later it was time for another phone change because the Nokia 3110 had suffered more than its share of knocks on the floor. Though I wanted to buy an Android I chose to go in for a BlackBerry Curve 9300 because it had a physical qwerty keyboard. When this wouldn’t go any far even after body and battery changes I opted for a Blackberry Curve 8520. With the Blackberry devices browsing on the phone zoomed up. I browsed in the park, browsed in the parking lot and confess to having browsed in the toilet. The optical track pad was great!

When the time came round for another device change I opted for the Red Mi Note 4G from Xiaomi. The big screen made reading long articles a simple and tiring experience for the neck. The best part was the battery back up of the phone. From that I migrated to a Samsung J7.

I have used an iPhone as well since many of my friends and relatives have one. Certainly the image quality of an iPhone is amazing. I have borrowed it several times and the iPhone’s camera is of outstanding quality.

My latest experience includes having used mobile phones with 2 SIM cards.

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