Asterix went to Rome only once, and he limited his stay to the great city. But when in Italy, Rome should be only one of the destinations to visit. Rome will keep you busy with its Coliseum, the Roman Forum next door and of course the Vatican. Do not miss the Sistine Chapel. If you are there on a Sunday, the Pope addresses the audience on St. Peter’s Square at noon.

Head south to the commercial city of Naples, which is adjacent to two archeologically magnificent ruins of Pompeii and Heraklion. Most of the tourists head to the larger site Pompeii, but the quality of the antiquities at Heraklion is much better. A drive up to see the crater of Vesuvius with the some coming out is another high point.

A day’s drive north will get you to Pisa, which is famous for a tower. Florence is an hour away and is home to some of the best architecture, paintings and statues from the Renaissance period. While Venice is a big tourist draw, Padua nearby is very beautiful too. And also where Petrucio tamed the shrew.

Coliseum at Rome



St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican



Sistine Chapel, The Vatican



Crater of the Vesuvius



The prominent lean



David by Michelangelo




Row of Gondolas in Venice



Duomo di Milano


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