Sound of Pollution

Pollution levels in Delhi have shot up once again. This happened last year, this year around Diwali and now again. It is difficult to breathe and there is a burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat. Doctors have advised limiting physical activities and staying indoors.  Day before yesterday I was badly afflicted by the… Continue reading Sound of Pollution

Ban on Firecrackers in Delhi

The Supreme Court of India has imposed a ban on the sale of Firecrackers in Delhi this Diwali. Every year there is a spike in the pollution levels in Delhi NCR in the winters. Last year a record was created after Diwali when the pollution levels soared so high that the pollution measuring devices couldn’t… Continue reading Ban on Firecrackers in Delhi

Delhi Pollution Level

With Odd Even implementation for vehicles in Delhi around the corner it is time to say OKTATA to pollution as far as possible. Delhi pollution levels are high all through the year and in the winters it witnesses a spike in these. The air is quite bad to breathe and can cause several diseases. Numerous… Continue reading Delhi Pollution Level